End of Hire Conditions

Exterior view of Bulphan Village Hall
  1. Stack away correctly all chairs, tables and other equipment
  2. An outside Euro bin is available to put bagged rubbish in.  Please lock the bin and replace the key on its hook in the kitchen. (Note: exploding confetti canisters or balloon cylinders should not be put into the Euro bin but taken home and disposed of using a responsible method).
  3. Kitchen equipment must be cleaned and replaced in the cupboards provided. All breakages or damages must be reported to the Booking Secretary immediately.
  4. Mop any spillages and sweep the floor
  5. Check the fridge and ovens
  6. Open the curtains and close all windows
  7. The Keyholder has instructions to close the Hall at the end of the booking time. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure all persons and property including helpers, musicians, bar staff, etc. vacate the Hall by that time.
  8. Ensure the quiet and orderly departure of all persons attending.
  9. Check the premises (including the toilets) to ensure all is safe, clean and tidy, ready for the next hirer.
  10. Check all doors are locked, and turn off all the lights, including the uplighters.
  11. The Hirer cannot leave until the Hall is properly locked and secured unless directed otherwise and any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions properly replaced, otherwise the Village Hall shall be at liberty to make an additional charge.
  12. A charge will be made if the keyholder is unable to lock up at the agreed
    time because the hall has not been vacated, tidied and/or left in an unacceptable state.
  13. A £50 charge for up to 30 minutes late, and a further £50 will be charged for
    each subsequent half hour, or part of.
  14. Further charges may be made for extra cleaning required or any damage or breakage.
  15. These charges will normally be deducted from the deposit before it is refunded.